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Where To: Mexico City

Where To: Mexico City

Travel inspires us. It pushes us to venture into the unknown and to discover parts of us that we may have lost along the way as we juggle our bustling lives. Using travel to inspire your design sensibility is a great way to shake the dust off. Before starting your next project, we highly recommend […]

Beautiful C2 Paint Rooms


Carefully crafted by hand, C2 was heralded as an instant classic, as evidenced by our timeless color palette and artistic philosophy. Inspired by nature every C2 Paint color is made with unique, finely ground, artist-grade pigments. We apporach our craft like a fine painter would—using complementary colors to tone (instead of black), and applying multiple colorants to create unmatchable, luminous colors. Curated by design professionals, the harmonious 496-color palette makes choosing colors less stressful and more intuitive.

C2 Brand Brochure